On the Water Log, April 9, 2012

                                       A CUTTS AND CHUM JOURNAL I

” . . . I commented to her that fishers of sea-run cutts are collectively one of the nicest groups of people I know.  They’re folks who pay attention to details in the natural world (rips in an estuary.)  They’re not ego driven (bigger egos tend to track bigger fish.)  And they’re happy to share tips with like-minded  folks.

my fishing buddy, David Christian, in conversation with his wife after Cutts and Chum


photo Joe Uhlman


Jeffrey Delia during the opening session                        photo by Jack Devlin


Ron Hirschi (kneeling in red); Steve Knapp taking photo of fry in collecting tank


Leland demonstrating how to tie his beach popper    photo by Jack Devlin


Broken-back shrimp are a year-round food source                Joe Uhlman photo


Sea-run cutthroat love sculpins, too                        photo by Joe Uhlman


That’s me, at a presentation session at the cut                  photo by Jack Devlin


Preston Singletary at the tying bench             photo by Jack Devlin


Roger Stephens tying one of his tube flies  photo by Jack Devlin


Pink fry are luminous, with no parr marks           photo by Joe Uhlman

I’ll post the second half of the journal tomorrow or Wednesday. It has lots more photos of the presenters and creatures.

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