On the Water Log, April 24, 2012

Baltic Seatrout Fly Fishing

I am taking a few days off from blogging–trying to finish up some long-delayed writing and editing. I will try to post a link or two each day, though, to interesting articles or essays. Today’s is to a great piece on seatrout fishing in northern Europe. I had a client a couple weeks ago from the UK and I asked him about fishing for the sea-run browns in the salt in northern England and Scotland. He told me that some people do it, but that the seas were pretty bad most of the time–not like the relatively decent water conditions we have in Hood Canal and Puget Sound most of the year. But he said that fly fishers do very well on seatrout in the more protected waters of the Baltic.

Here’s a link to an excellent site–  www.globalflyfisher.com/global/denmark/species/seatrout.html

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