On the Water Log, May 16, 2012


I just found out that my friend and fellow coastal cutthroat aficionado, Preston Singletary, won the Federation of Fly Fishers Washington State Council’s Fly Tying Hall of Fame Award. That’s a real achievement, and it couldn’t have gone to a more deserving tyer. Not only is Preston a marvelous fly tyer, he is also a living compendium of Pacific Northwest fly tying history and lore.

Here are links to four pieces Preston has contributed to my annual Christmas Newsletter. Each examines a different facet of fly tying in our region. If you haven’t read them, I know you will find them informative and compellingly written. And if you have read them, they are definitely worth taking a second look at, because there is always something new to learn from Preston–and his flies are beautiful. The piece from 2010 on callibaetis is especially timely this time of year for trout fishers.

The links will take you to the appropriate newsletter. Then scroll down until you find Preston’s piece.

“The End of Autumn”–2008


“Cutthroat Creek”–2009

www.dougroseflyfishing.com/blog/p=168#more 168

“Callibaetis Days”–2010


“A Few Simple and Classic Northwest Steelhead Flies”–2011


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