On the Water Log, May 21, 2012

I haven’t posted much original content the last few days–and nothing over the weekend. I’ve got several articles to finish and some editing to do on a book, plus I’m trying to pull together my Summer Newsletter. But I will have a post on the flies I’m taking up to my first mountain lake of the year tomorrow and the long-delayed trout cookery piece later in the week. I’m hoping to have a couple brookies to take before and after photos of for that post.

Anyway, here’s a great quote by fly fishing celebrity, Frank Smethurst, that I saw in the current issue of The Drake:

“Immediately after WWII, there were 60 thousand wild steelhead in the Hoh. Now there are 2500, and you can still kill them. I’m pretty sure there are more Pandas on the planet, but you can’t go get one of those for the smoker.”

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