On the Water Log, May 25, 2012

No Fish Today

I fished one of my favorite runs on the lower Sol Duc today. On March 30, 1958, Syd Glasso caught five steelhead there, all on a new fly of his, the Sol Duc Spey. Summer steelhead also hold there, but if there were any this morning they weren’t interested in my black GP or Lady Caroline. I finished up with Glasso’s Gray and Orange. He caught two summer steelhead with it on its maiden outing on the North Fork Stillaguamish in 1959. I didn’t get any today.

A couple people emailed me, asking why I don’t particularly like fishing the Sol Duc this time of year. Well, it’s tough to wade when the water’s up, and it’s usually pretty cool, as well. If you’re a wading fly fisher and you can’t get into a good position to present your fly, you can’t fish very effectively even if you are castingĀ  a two-handed rod. And it’s harder to interest fish with swung flies when the water is cool. I also just like the upper river better in early summer, the reach that is closed now. I always fish more confidently and with more purpose on the Sol Duc later in June or early July.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t be back there next week if the Hoh is still out.

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