On the Water Log, June 12, 2012

My guiding and moving schedules changed late last week unexpectedly, and I haven’t been able to finish up my Summer Newsletter and essays. Realistically, I probably won’t get them up now until this weekend. Sorry about the delay. All of my clinics and seminars this summer are in July and August, so you won’t miss anything.

Meanwhile, you should enjoy my buddy,Chester Allen’s, post on the Deschutes in his blog Chester Allen’s Watery Planet watermagic.typepad.com

I used to live within walking distance of the Deschutes, but a long ways upstream of the area Chester is talking about in his story. I lived up in the brown trout water in Bend. On dreary days like today, I wouldn’t mind savoring that dry air and warm pine resin smell while fishing a big black streamer up above Dillon Falls.

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