On the Water Log, July 10, 2012

Well, first off, the telephone company screwed up and the message you get if you dial our old number, the one on the contact page of the website, doesn’t give our new number, just says the phone’s “not in service” Our new phone is 360-732-0116.
Other than that, things are going well. I guided a couple of good fly fishers last week, on the West End and the salt on the East Side. The water was still high on the coastal rivers, but they got a nice cutt and a good pull from what I think was a steelhead. We also got into a nice school of cutthroat near Hadlock.

Cutthroat fishing in the salt has been good lately, and the sand lance are jumping. I haven’t heard of a fly-caught coho yet at the point, but we ran into an angler Saturday who took a fish that I think was probably a coho from Oak Bay. All I saw was a cell phone photo, but if it was a cutt it was a real bruiser. He got it at daybreak on a Richard Stoll mylar pattern.

I still have some openings for several of my summer seminars–in particular, the steelhead and cutthroat one, the West End Weekend, on 7/28-29, and the Up and Down the Canal saltwater cutthroat clinic on 7/25.

I suppose most of you have read that biologists have already seen spawning wild steelhead above the Elwha Dam.

My computer at home still isn’t connected to the internet (yeah, more problems with technology), but I will post as often as I can from the library until I get someone to figure out what’s happening. But I don’t think I will be able to upload photos for a while.


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